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24 May at 12:21
When St Edward's School & Dorrington Nursery approached us to ask if they could put some displays up in the Hall, w… https://t.co/hHlRi7usV1
24 May at 12:42
No Metafit tonight 😒 Get well soon, Steph Morgan! X https://t.co/jGU2vEnZDD
22 May at 20:28
Well, what a weekend!! It was a fabulous weekend made up of 3 events, celebrating 10 years of the rebuilt Village… https://t.co/aWe9BSV1an
22 May at 20:38
So, we are loving these photos of the Village Hall Administrators, who have looked after our wonderful facility these past 10 years 😍😍
19 May at 8:44
IT'S TODAY!!! https://t.co/L9B6OpcTS2